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one glove club

...for the glovelorn

One Glove Club
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Here's to all the lonely gloves and mittens: the one that fell out of your pocket as you got off the bus, the one the dog chewed up, the one you left at your ex-lover's place and will never retrieve.

We wish the lost gloves well. We hope they find a new match or new employment. Maybe as eggwarmers. Better still, we hope the beautiful person checking you out on the bus picked up your mitten and is saving it for you, even now.

It takes time to get over the loss of a loved glove, but think of what you still have. Nearly identical in shape and size, the remaining glove holds the memory of the one that got away.

But if you're ready to move on, maybe two lone gloves can come together. A mismatch made in heaven. After all, your left and right hands do different things, shouldn't your gloves reflect that?

This is a forum for sharing memories and making new pairs.

The Lost Mittens of Mount Everest